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Full and Mean Stack

Full Stack Mean Development

MEAN Stack is a combination of JavaScript-based technologies and is used to create lightweight and
scalable web applications that deliver high performance. It is actually an abbreviation of MongoDB,
Express.js, Angular, and Node.js which are the core components of this stack. A variety of applications
ranging from social platforms, video streaming applications, eCommerce websites and gaming portals
are being powered by Mean Stack nowadays. Some of the giant companies like Google, LinkedIn, PayPal,
Netflix and Uber use MEAN to deliver an enhanced user experience to their customers.

At TechmoWeb, we have been using the Full and MEAN stack since its inception and have built a variety of apps.
Our experienced Mean developers use this full stack JavaScript-based development tool to create
mission-critical apps for businesses worldwide. We have developed a number of apps using the Mongo
DB’s schema, created intuitive front-end interfaces using Angular JS, and have extensively used Express
JS and Node JS for real-time web and mobile apps. Opt for our full Mean Stack development services
and change the way your website performs.

Our Mean –Full Stack Development Services

We are experts in full and Mean Stack development and leverage the power of this framework to create
high-performance apps. Our developers are investing a lot of time and energy to create the right MEAN
based solution for your business. TechmoWeb MEAN web development services comprise of the
• MongoDB Development
• Angular JS Development
• Express JS Development
• Node JS Development
• Front End Development
• Back End Development
• Third Party Integration
• Mean Stack Consultation

Why opt for our Meteor JS Development Solutions?

Having the expertise in MEAN Stack development, we create feature-rich and dynamic apps. If you are
looking for a high-end MEAN development partner, then TechmoWeb is the right choice for you. Here
are a few reasons why you should invest in our MEAN stack based development services:

• Our developers have years of expertise in Node.js development
• Create mission-critical mobile and web apps using MEAN Stack
• Years of expertise in full MEAN Stack Development
• NDA Agreement for Complete Confidentiality
• Constant Communication with the client through the call, chat, and Skype
• Transparent pricing and no hidden fees concept
• Round the clock customer support

Why Work With Us?

There are many reasons that would explain why we are better than other and what differentiates us from others and these are mentioned below:

  • We can create exact software with our team of highly experienced software development resources
  • We can deliver robust software solutions that would explain high quality experience
  • You can also save through our cost effective services
  • We are specializes in testing and practice QA automation hence delivering best software solution

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